[Jtag] Storm And Glitchnez lobbies

Honestly i really just dont care, Its not needed.

Thanks for doing this for the community! <3

I might consider doing this! :smile:

okay guys the video is here and proof of the lobby recorded by me here is it:

its not the best quality but it works

Thanks for The Video jonny

Mark your clocks hosting cod4 lobby tonight around 5 pm CST

can i just get to lvl 50 no prestige MW2?

Considering the fact that Mw2 goes up to level 70, I don’t think so.

whenever i host.

could you host a MW2 lobby late at night, like around 11pm central? i have two future modders that i need to make sure are in bed and fully asleep before i hop on xbl.

d’you do xlink? O.o

Alright hosting COD4 :smiley: Message xxcrazyyyyxx Be patient, I will try my best to invite you!

im in, just to let you know



CoonLoX is me <3

update for everyone who got deranked i copied the wrong file =[ Im sorry ill try to fix it

It’s very nice to see what you’re doing for the community.

hahah, lol, i want to start fairly at lvl 1 but level up to prestige from a fair point!! lol that was funny

Hosting MW2 Tonight i hope.

Hosting COD4 =D my MW2 Disc broke :confused: so ill be hosting those maybe wednesday.

I’m looking forward to the next time you do a MW2 lobby.

How does your Cod4 Lobbies work? Do you just get XP or can you give people all camos/golden guns?