Jtag system update kinect and avatar

my kinect and avatars were all working fine on my jtag and then i took my hard drive over my friends and did a system update on his online xbox and now even if no hard drive is connected it says that the kinect requires a system update and my avatar editor requires a system update and playing a kinect game disc requires a system update. what is wrong with it?!?! it was working fine how can an update from someone elses xbox effect my jtag? what should i do?

Solved! here is a soultion for anyone with this random issue

You did a bad dee their my homeboy.
Your gunna have to unban ur system and update while u got that kv.

i know theres a way to download updates. i just dont know where or how

anyone please help here ive been googling for hours

try opening your harddrive with a device explorer, find the update folder, then delete it
i think you can do that :stuck_out_tongue:

you can’t update to the newest dash there isn’t a new rebooter yet :confused:

if i do that wont it just keep asking to update still?

no because it’s only asking because of the harddrive i’m pretty sure
have you tried turning it own without that hard drive?

i dont want to update to the newest dash i just want one that works with the kinect i just had it working too.

yeah but without a hard drive it still needs the update for the kinect

12611 or 12625? if you still have 9199 try upgrading to the newest freeboot even though that’s only 12611

no i have the 12611 im not sure why the kinect wont work without a hard drive plugged in

idk, i’d try using a different hdd or formatting that one. you could try changing your kv to a random banned one and see if that does anything. that’s fixed a few of my problems

i tried using just a external with xbox memory and it still says it needs an update. what if i just connect to xbl and update? would that just f up the jtag?

yes, do NOT try to connect.
sorry, idk what else to say.

Its okay i solved it thank you very much for trying to help