title says it all, i would just like a accurate description of what they can do COMPARED to each other.


why would you even ask?
xDK Dev Kit

what about modded wii>all?

LOL xdk

He’s asking for comparisons, not which is better. :expressionless:

Goes on PNET instead of Xbox LIVE.
Kernel Debugging
This ugly thing on top of it, called a sidecar
Runs all code
More expensive, around $1000 sometimes

Unsigned Code

EDIT: There is a lot more stuff and detail that I can’t tell you about because I don’t know much about XDK’s.

and correct me if i am wrong, but does PNET have content before xbl?

XDK’s are way more expensive though, I like my JTAG because of the amount of opportunities homebrew gives you, but XDK’s are amazing, and PNET is awesome if you aren’t banned.

XDK’s are way better but cost alot more

No, it’s not really like a public sort of network. It’s not like Xbox LIVE, where you join a game and meet people and sh*t. If you do get your hands on content, you’ll be able to play it with other PNET users. But Idk if this answer is 100% true I don’t know that much.

Depends what you like.
90% of people that own XDKs don;t even use it for what it’s intended to do, they just use it like a Jtag.
PNET has almost no one on, and it’s easy for you to get banned (foreveralone).
XDKs can’t run some of the amazing homebrew that’s out for Jtags.
And it’s a ***** to play normal games on an XDK, what with all the patching and what not.

In other words, don’t buy photoshop unless you know what the **** you’re doing already.

lol kk gotcha, last sentence summed it up nicely

PNET has things like DLC (not really map packs anymore) and games on long before XBL.
That’s how cheevos wind up getting leaked online before the game is on xbox -_-

Photoshop? :laughing:

I don’t get what you’re trying to say exactly. Especially that little metaphor at the end.

169% agreed!

If I were you, buy a JTAG, get some of the boss homebrew **** out for it, and get a 1TB HDD.

GTFO me and read my reply to your ignorance. OP got it, so you don’t matter.

i have heard, when/if you get banned on a XDK there is no way around if ( like KV swapping on a Jtag)

also, what is some of the homebrew like? i dont think ive ever seen it :confused:

XDK connects to PNET not XBL

JTAG = Cheaper, you would get more use out of it, unsigned code
XDK = Expensive, PNET(Not like XBL)

Freestyle Dash is an example of homebrew. Custom apps and things like that.
Also, it IS possible to get unbanned on a XDK (sorta like KV swapping).

Just depends how you were banned.
Like if you got bricked, then you’re ****ed and should just throw the kit away. lol