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Jurassic World Evolution Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Can see the cheats just fine.
Be sure to be on the newest update of Infinity


Everyone saying the cheats arent there try restarting infinity because i can see them


A reputation cheat would be awesome. Just so we can max the levels to get the special missions or rewards.


I agree with krelios and Mimox on full rep on factions…if it can be modified…here’s hoping that would be added on soon.


If it says no supported trainer available will the cheats still work. I think my game is updated more than the trainer supports.


Try it


um wtf on the tacano islande it says I have negative 4 billion+ money can u please fix cuz I need to complete missions on that island and I cant do anything when I have negative 4 billion dollars to spend…


Hope you turned the cheat off after turning it on. Not suppose to leave it on. Thats what happened


play normal until you have enough funds to pay for a lot and mess around with money for a while then turn it on


Adding rep and unlocking all dinos


Did you know saying Please can get you a long way in life.


I apologise for that, I was tired.


Now I feel like an ass


Just a update that Jurassic World: Evolution got a 1.7GB Update today… guess it’s ready for a patch :slight_smile: Cheers @STiNGERR


The trainer needs a update for the 1.4 patch I think.


yep 1.7GB Update…will do that :slight_smile:


Trainer offline ;x whenever you have time Stingerr, i know you’re pretty busy. keep up the work team


So I tried using the trainer regardless, and while it kind of worked and let me get 5 stars in the challenge mode, it made a horrible buzzing noise though my speakers that made me panic a bit. Hoping this gets fixed soon though.


Will you be updating this trainer?, not to rush you or anything, great work on the trainers! :+1:t2:


And now there was Update 1.4.3, a 489.2mb patch.