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Jurassic World Evolution Cheats and Trainer for Steam


nothing wierd just start the game start wemod and inject it and it was ready to go @SSSJDanny
(keep in mind you have to spend money to see some change)


Nope didn’t work for me.
Started the game up (v1.4.3.37142)
Loaded a saved game.
Opened WeMod and told it to “Play” it changed to a Check Mark indicating was injected
Hit 0 and made a small road, but money just decreased.
Alt Tabbed out and hit 0 again and it automatically turns off after 1-2 Seconds.


Why are you on a older version?
Im at V1.4.5.37632
For what i have seen is there no cheat for V1.4.3.37142
highest supported version before is V1.3.3.34878
Lowest after your version is V1.4.4.37346


So I use the Trainer for this game but the Money hack doesnt work. Please help.


The comfort hack doesnt work ether, Doesnt matter with the Hadrosaurs or Sauropods but Ankylos, Stegos, and Ceratopid family trees will kill each other if numbers of same dinosaurs exceed social limits they may even fight each other if the pop is to high as well I think. When you use the instant build hack the sounds of construction dont go away and stack so it becomes insanely loud.


Patch 1.5 and the Secrets of Dr. Wu are out, this may need a update.


Sorry a lil bit late because i just get the game now

the money mod is working. you just need to earn money first then it will go to 1 million


Also in addition :
cheat that are working so far :

  1. Fast research
  2. Fast Construction
  3. Perfect Rating
  4. Max reputation
  5. Unlimited Money

the others like Max Comfort, food, health, water and power its not working
but for me this cheat doesn’t do much, all the cheat that working is more important than the one that’s not working.

that,'s all i can share


infinite money it’s the only things that don’t work to me (and i would like to use) :sweat_smile:


Request: gameplay speed changer also called “bullet time” or slow motion 0.25x and 0.5x
There are some trainers on the web but without this feature. Maybe it’s too challenging to find the right bits. But I need this so bad.


Max reputation trainer seems buggy, when you complete one objective on an island, the other two automatically go down to zero.


Patch 1.6 with the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack dlc just came out, so far the trainer works ok with it, should check if the trainer needs a update.


On update 1.6, with the Dr Wu DLC installed. I tried to achieve perfect ratings on the challenge modes, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Does the trainer need to be updated or am I doing something wrong? Thanks.


If things aren’t working stop saying this needs an update go and vote for it x.x


please vote.


The Jurassic World Evolution cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


the trainer dosen`t works. Can’t activate it


Looks like the unlimited money didn’t work. how to make it works? when I turn it on it suddenly turns off automatically.

sorry for bad English, thank you. :slight_smile:


Do you have any money? Need to have some first


sure your anit-virus is either disabled or Whitelist wemod also make sure version guard is enabled and it should work mate