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Jurassic World Evolution Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I’m having an issue with the trainer, it’s simply not loading the cheats. I’ve tried disabling antivirus, running as admin, and a combination of the two. help?

I would also like to note this is NOT an issue with Infinity itself, because mods load into other games, just not Jurassic World Evolution. which would mean either an issue with the trainer, or the game itself. (see above for issue)

It should work just updated 10 days ago.
Start the game first then after back out and click play in wemod ?

tried that already, that didn’t work either.

Error I’m Getting: the loading “wheel” around the play button spins and spins until it gives up and says “could not load cheats into game” or something of the like.

Things I’ve Tried: Running As Admin, Disabling my Antivirus, as well as a combination of the two

Where did you acquire your copy of the game from? :slight_smile:

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I got my copy from steam.

Which AV do you have? :slight_smile:

WebRoot SecureAnywhere

Mine quit working. It worked a few days ago, now nothing. Did the game update?

I would having issues with the cheat at first it started to work after I started then game and then clicked play in wemod. Great mod menu STiNGERR always does an amazing job.

Suggestion - It would be cool if there was an unlock all option


Money cheat not working the rest is perfect

Where is your copy of the game from? :slightly_smiling_face:

its from a torrent site

So just to verify I booted up my Steam copy and the trainer works fine on it. We don’t officially support torrented games as the “cracks” can change the game so we won’t go out of our way to make the trainer compatible but if it works we’re not gonna stop it from working. :slightly_smiling_face:

would there be an update?

Please request an update by selecting the image and then selecting the amount of votes you’d like to contribute!

The Jurassic World Evolution cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

vote to these update mods.please and hurry up.

Hey, I can appreciate your enthusiasm but our developers are also people with lives. We never want to burn them out or disrespect them so we try to have them work reasonably.

That being said it’s not too far off in the future from being updated as it has a solid amount of votes :+1:

I was not trying sound to be rude I was just asking.btw if is other mod website that I use just let me know.:grinning: