Just a litle story... This is about a guy


Mute him.

I can’t just mute him… It’s not right…

Report him to Anonymous, he’ll take care of this dude.

If you’re not familiar with Anonymous click Here.

Trust me i watched them all, How would i get in touch with them?

It’s extremely difficult from what I’ve heard. This one guy said if you sit on the toilet while holding your feet off the floor, with your eyes closed, and whistle the theme music to Murder She Wrote for 5 minutes, you might just get a call on your phone from an unknown number, and it might be Anonymous.

We don’t need post like this. If he did something wrong report him and if enough reports are filed XBLPET will look into it. It is Xbox live, people trash talk and have since the service was opened. If you don’t like the way people talk to each other either don’t play or mute them.