Just a quick question regarding Horizon

So I recently downloaded horizon, i plan on using it for gears judgement. I go to the thread that gives a tutorial that guides you on how to do it, but I got stuck on a part that requires you to open up the games tab from the USB, I open it up and all it shows is Xbox 360 Dashboard, nothing else. I go to “Gamer Profiles”, and my profile is there, but my games is empty. Any help or thread I can go to? Thanks in advance!

Pretty simple solution.

Take one of your gamesaves, located > system settings > storage > hard drive > games and apps > gears of war: judgment > save. And transfer it over to your memory unit // USB.

Yeah, woke up today and was going through my hard drive to see what was up. I figured that out, but thanks for reassuring me what to do. Thank you so much :thumbsup: