Just a quick Youtube banner i made


Looks pretty awesome 8/10. If it had IHorney89 it would be a 10/10.

Look.s good. I like it.

Looks fantastic man.

Looks great, but the only thing I don’t like is the font. The reason behind this is because I can’t tell the difference between the 5 and the S. I can’t see anything else I don’t like, great job

Very futuristic. Nice!

I agree with vSneakyRaptorI couldnt tell the difference. :anguished: I thought it was 2 S’s.

I do like the other elements of this banner though! Great job! :smiley:

yeah your spot on most of the futuristic type fonts the 5 and S look pretty much the same.
found a replacement though i think works well.

Ehh. Doesn’t flow.

Since I know your username well I didn’t really notice how close the 5 and S looked last time I viewed it. This version is much better man, nice job.

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