Just curious of your opinion

Ok so we all know we don’t support modding online games, but what are your thoughts on a game like No Man’s Sky (I know it is not out yet). They have said that it has MP but it is rare and very unlikely that you will experience it, and apparently you don’t need Internet to play

The actual problem is the data is stored on the server(game company servers) and not available client-side (User’s computer) so you can’t change it even if you wanted to. Then some games ban you if you change it even if its stored client-side for example the division but that’s a really bad game design on Ubishit’s part.

Then there’s GTA V which stores health on user’s computer and doesn’t give two f*cks about people cheating health. Money on the other hand gets you banned. Same story with Dark souls games which store all this data on user’s computer and innocent people got banned because they only cheated offline and accidentally went online. These imo are terrible game design and shouldn’t be like this at all.

Then there’s starcraft 2 series games and Blizzard being anal about cheating as it is, the data and everything is stored on client-side, there is also a separate single-player campaign but STILL, they don’t want you cheating. The game has so much encryption, only a friend of mine whose main interest is in cracking scene made a private cheat (showed me over skype) and blizzard keeps patching it soon as they find out someone released something. Not to mention banning people without apology.

So if No Man’s Sky has a single player part but is anything like any of those games^, we won’t touch it. But if its like any other single player game with a separate MP part, we will of course make a trainer. I have heard good things about it so i am also interested in this game.

I didn’t mention the legal aspect, look up honorbuddy and blizzard’s lawsuit against them.

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Well stuff must be stored client side because you don’t need Internet to play but I believe a comparison to that of dark souls MP was made

On steam it says single player only so i don’t think there is a multiplayer component at all. Its definitely train-able.

Yea I hope it is, but this is one game I would probably play on a separate account for using a trainer