Just Dance 3 ISO problem

My Just Dance 3 NTSC (or best buy) exclusives doesn’t appear on my Just Dance 3 game. I have tried to post this on another forum, but i got a response about changing the default.xex. Also my Just Dance 3’s iso is Region Free. Can somebody help if it’s to change the default.xex or modify it?

You might need a Title Update for the exclusives to show up in game.

I just checked at http://xboxunity.net/ and there is only 1 title update so if you don’t already have it on your 360 go ahead and try it.

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I downloaded it, and it does not appear on my Just Dance 3. Is it because i’m brazillian?

Edit:Do i have to erase my save file?

Where did you put the title update after downloading it? It needs to go on your main system hard drive where your 360 puts save files and where DLC is usually located. And no, you do not need to delete any of your game saves.

I put it on a 320 (i think) GB Samsung Hard Drive. When i pressed the middle xbox button on the controller, the title update was activated, and also my Sweat Packs and Dance Pack appeared.

Edit:The Usb0 directory

So it worked with the update from the site I told you about?

I think yes because when i used to not have a JD3 TU, my sweat packs didnt appear (and my Dance Pack too)

That’s what you needed then. In the future when you have add-on content for games or special packs for other games you almost always need the proper title update to make them visible & playable to the system. This one was fairly easy because there was only 1 title update to try, sometimes certain games have a lot, over 20. Have fun dancing and if you want to you can do “The Humpty Dance” for me as I’m too old to do it myself anymore.

Also the “Dance Pack” and the 2 “Sweat Packs” that i said are dlcs