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Just glad to be here (Let me know if I could ever help with trainers (....If I have time))



I have been using the app for a while and decided to join this awesome community. I used to be part of the management of a large Minecraft server + community and I sometime miss that, although my life does not really allow for me to spend that much time on gaming or community activities anymore. Which is exactly why I am here, as the app allows me to make better use of my time gaming and play the games the way I want.


For my day job I need a broad range of skills, tools and knowledge of different systems, files or what ever, so digging into the file structure, opening things up in a Hex Editor, poking around in memory is what I do for a living almost. I regularly go into the config/files/code/memory space of games I play to do something, whether it be editing a save or config file, LONG ago I used to make my own trainers with a memory editor I have since forgotten the name of (it was before x64 OS’s was mainstream…and this editor didn’t work on my 64bit Windows, which was when I stopped making my own trainers). Finding exploits in…well anything, not just games, is just as fun for me as actually using or playing with them.

There has also not been a single device I have owned that I have not rooted/jailbroke/modded/homebrewed or just messed with in general, Canon SX50, Nintendo 3DS XL, Wii, PS2, iPhone’s, you name it…this includes physical devices(My wife nearly had a heart attack when I opened up my brand new Steele Series Arctis 7’s to install a Bluetooth module because it didn’t have Bluetooth and I wanted to used the headset with my phone.)

I am currently playing Pokemon Go on my old Samsung S7 Edge with Location Spoofing working, and BOY was that a pain to get working after the Feb 2019 updates, but that is all part of the fun for me, taking the tools out in the world and making things work the way you want them to.

I would by no mean call myself adept at making mods or trainers for games, but if pressed I know I would be able to do the basics on almost any game (again, my day job kind of requires skills of my that would enable me to do this on a personal level)

My proudest achievement to date, even if it was not the most technically challenging thing, was getting a DirectX rendering extractor(again the name of which I have since forgotten) working with Guild Wars 2, to extract my perfectly Customized Lvl 80 Elementalist as a 3D mesh object that I could then export to Blender, clean up, slice and 3D print.

Tag: KillerHurtZ

Platform: PC Master Race

Games(Currently playing):
No Man Sky
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
GTA V Online
Ark Survival Evolved (Hosting own server with friends, all maps/expansions)
Minecraft((Hosting own server with friends,Vanilla/Stoneblocks 2/Skyfactory3)

Games(List of games with far to many hours played over a life time, in no real order)
Half Life Franchise
Portal 1 + 2
Guild Wars 2
Elder Scrolls Online
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 + 2
Star Wars The Old Republic
DarkSiders 1 + 2 (Actually the game that lead me to WeMod in the first place, after all other trainer where just plan crap)
Deus Ex Franchise
Empyrion galactic survival
Fallout 4
I’m getting bored list all the games, but if you actually read to this part you should get an idea by now.

Doing projects around the house,
Making things with my hands
Gardening/hydroponics//mycology/homebrewing (these are all very related things for me and tend to overlap)