Just played Stallion83 in Skate

So i just played Stallion83 on Skate and im pretty sure i blocked him from getting an achievement.
The achievement he was trying to get is En Feugo, Win 6 online games in a row.
Skate is going offline tomorrow and i want to keep him From getting it.
He is Boosting with K4RN4GE.

Lol so hes not legit. I knew it.

who is he ?
and lol nice one

He holds the record for most gamerscore.

offline foreveR? O.o

So who all wants to report him for cheating. See how mad he gets from being reset

Im with you chris LOL

Wow i thought he was all “legit” no boosting lol

He would probably commit suicide. :expressionless:

yes sir. forever:(

lets report that fool lmao

What should his nickname be? No life? I think so…

Kinda funny how the #1 gamerscore holder in the world is a cheater.


its an old game lol

halo 3 is oldd, dont see that getting taken down -_-

true :laughing:

Wouldn’t get him reset. He’s like a spokes-person to microsoft now lol. He even got 3 day suspension from MS for adv a website, complained to MS on the forums and they unbanned him immediately.

Also, boosting makes you unlegit? Boosting gamerscore, or getting help from a friend, does not help as cheating nor a reason for MS to reset you. Gamerscore modding is, obv.

skate was made by EA… of course the servers are going down… they take down servers of old games all the time

Still hasnt gotten his achievement. He changed his status to offline trying to ditch us. Think im gonna be on till the servers go offline.