Just Shapes And Beats on Steam suggestion

Could you add a Just Shapes And Beats Mod?

This is already in the WeMod library. Just Shapes & Beats Cheats and Trainers for PC - WeMod.
However, it does not currently have a trainer.

Trainers are made here at WeMod if the game is popular enough in the WeMod community. The WeMod software detects how many members own the game and, if it is enough, it will eventually appear in the development queue, which you can see in the desktop software.

More information: Game Queue - WeMod Support.

(I made a small change to your thread title to avoid users getting confused and thinking this is an official trainer thread).

Okay thank you. but millions of people play just shapes and beats, yet some smaller games come before this

Just because “millions” play a game, it doesn’t mean they’re all cheaters interested in having a trainer made.

There’s nothing WeMod can do about what games our community members prefer to play over others.

true, sorry for my stupidity lol