Just wont my first H1Z1 Battle Royale game

Killed quite a lot of guys whilst doing it. Camped a lot cause you need too. Got to the final three and a guy started to shoot at me, I told him to stop and lets take out the car. We did and he killed the guy. He then asked if I wanted to win it and of course I said yes.

Thank you Stog


Open Me


Just tired playing and I can’t ****ing find out where I am on the MAP! Running in the green fog forever!

Press M and it will show where to go. Also if you press F you get your health and stuff at the bottom right, it will show you your grid too.

What’s your steam? I’ll add you on it and we can team up.

Sent you a PM with my information

I won another. No help this time

yo add me Bicoma on steam been playing this game a lot