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Hi Forum
Is there any chance that WeMod or MAF will consider making a trainer for “JustEmuTarkov” which is an offline single player “Escape from Tarkov” mod.
As it does not go online or multiplayer it will not infringe on the dictates of the developer or impact on online players gameplay.
I suspect that many gamers would welcome this feature as it will serve as a training ground for when they eventually play the the original game.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

JustEmuTarkov is not supported by the devs of Escape from Tarkov. In fact, one had this to say about it on their official forum:

WeMod does not support cracked or pirated games (including third-party mods made with pirated software). Therefore a WeMod trainer is incredibly unlikely.

Thank you for the helpful info. Would there then be a possibility for the original game ( offline) to have a trainer tailored to suit?

Since the Escape From Tarkov is an MMO (massively multiplayer online) game, again I doubt it, to be honest, because WeMod does not provide cheats for online games. You still need an internet connection to log into the game and play “offline” mode.

The “offline” mode isn’t actually truly offline, since you still need to be online to log in and use it. It’s basically a sandbox mode for testing loadouts, getting the hang of maps, etc. So the devs should really call it “sandbox mode” not “offline mode” to make it less confusing. There’s also a rumour that this mode will disappear from future versions of the game.

EFT has battleye now and I believe any real time value modding is an instant ban regardless of if you are playing offline or not. The last I heard the EMU has been discontinued due to a disagreement with the developers.

Hi Ravenfyre
Thank you for the informative reply it hss given me the clarity I needed. It would be great to have a singleplayer in this format but I suppose that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
Thank you once again.

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