Keep Screen On

It would be great if the app could lock the device screen on like most game and media apps.

I like to set the tablet/phone on my desk and use it like a controller just for WeMod.

The current behavior is that the app allows the device to go to sleep at its default setting (30 seconds for most devices). Then when you wake up the device it needs to reconnect which takes a few seconds. That makes it difficult to use it in time sensitive game situations.

Although I can go into the android settings and change the sleep delay to 2 hours, that’s not ideal because then the phone will stay awake all the time unless you manually shut off the screen. This means I have to change the setting every time use the app.

It would be awesome if the app kept the phone awake. Even better if there was a toggle for the setting, but that’s not necessary.


Welcome back to the community, and thank you for taking the time to make a suggestion. :slight_smile:

A comment on your suggestion, I’d say a toggle switch would be an important feature, otherwise we’d have dozens of complaints about the app using up device batteries from those not realising they can manually turn the screen off themselves.

While this is being considered by the WeMod developers, as an alternative, there are apps in the store that allow you to control which other apps on your device keep the screen on, such as “Keep Screen On” and “Wakey”, to name just two apps that I’m aware of. :slight_smile:

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