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Kenshi Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Start game first then alt tab out then click play in wemod after see if that helps

No matter how many times I try to launch the game. The trainer won’t activate, whether it’s through WeMod or Steam. All it does is try to start a new instance of the game every single time. If I close out of the current session and try to resume from the new one, it says something about being unable to identify if the game is running or something. I’ve had this happen to me a few time before, but I’ve been able to get the trainer to work just by closing the game and opening it again. But now it doesn’t matter, as it just tries to open a new instance, only to be denied by Steam.

EDIT: Can you add an option to select from running tasks? That should solve and prevent issues like this from ever happening. As it would be forced to work with the current session instead of trying to start another

EDIT2: Also, I am using the one by MrAntiFun, I’ll try the other two real quick, but I’d prefer to use the one with more options

EDIT3: None of the trainers worked

Are there two .exes for this game? Sounds like to me, for example, that launching the game from Steam launches a 64bit version of the game whereas launching from WeMod launches a 32bit version of the game.

Find out exactly which .exe is in use via Task Manager when the game is running,
Then close the game, Launch WeMod and click the down arrow next to the Play button. Then set a custom install path to that .exe.
Then launch the game via Steam first, wait until you are on the main menu, alt+tab to WeMod and press play, then alt+tab back to the game.

Might not be your issue but worth a go.

I am wondering if there is a way to bank money, or increase the amount of money I have (99.000) I have come across weapons in the 150.00 range and cannot buy them