Kenshi Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Only works for the first char, doesn’t do anything for other chars.
Doesn’t crash on me though.

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thanks it works now @Veloxia if you can make his post shown to everyone if it is possible do it please

Not working anymore…


@MrAntiFun Kenshi needs an update please.

Mods Need to be Updated/Add New Mod or Options.

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Please update mod. Does not currently work

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Game CTD on loading in on the start menu with mods

trainer does not start if initiated at any point of turning on or playing game, CTD if game started via WeMod

This needs an Update. :frowning_face:


Initially worked if stats were not >100 but crashed now and then. Now works if I open the game through Steam first, up to the gray configuration window that allows mod reordering, then use WeMod to load the mods followed by pressing OK on the configuration window.

Update, pretty please with sprinkles and cherries on top?

@MrAntiFun Kensi instantly crashes when launched through the Play button and even after starting the cheats inside the game, it crashes when enabling any cheats like unlimited health or blood.

It’s a crashfest, please update this! It’s such a shame when cheats aren’t updated for years… last updated 2021, talk about ignoring a title

Hope there will be update soon… Seriously
It’s already a year or even more passed, but no update xd