Killer Instinct is running at 90 fps, Shadow Jago And Much More

[/img]Now little has been held by Iron Galaxy a presentation with Killer Instinct’s new EVO in 2015. The information gathered here are recent and key information, the source of information is the Central KI’s tweets on Twitter.

General information:

-More Characters will be released to play in Shadows mode.
-Killer Instinct wheel actually 90fps,which is why the net play works so smoothly.
Respectable -Taunt is still a possibility.
-Shadow Jago and Omen will still use the same stage, the Shadow Tiger’s Lair.
-Possivelmente Season 2 will be released on disc.
-The ARIA was one of the characters that received design prototypes during its development.
-No Plans for more customization, but stay tuned!

When asked about a 3rd season they replied: “Everything is possible”.

To conclude the Microsoft thanked the work of Iron Galaxy in Killer Instinct.