Killing Floor 2

Would it be within reason to make a trainer for KF2? Specifically for offline mode at least.

Such as infinite ammo, grenades, health, dosh.

if you can do the developers a favor, and edit your post saying the cheats you think should be implemented, that would help them out.

I shall summon them though to look upon your request…

@stn @reppin @STiNGERR

Is this a possibility guys?

i like the idea
Unlimited health
Unlimited Ammo

Yup, next stop KF2… expect a trainer in 2-4 days @Voltaire47

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Oh my god, thank you @STiNGERR Did not expect such a fast reply .

@Voltaire47 @Hawk Here you go Killing Floor 2 Cheats and Trainer

Sorry it took a lot longer than i expected but i had other things to work on and i tried to add as many modifications as possible.


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-cough- Killing Floor Trainer -cough-

From a non-coder point of view, it should be relatively easy to make if you already made this :3.
If you find the time to, please make the trainer since I’m already broke and don’t plan on buying KF2 since it’s still in early access.

Well the No reload and Infinit ammo does not work on medic darts any idia?