Kindly CLOSE my ACCOUNT. *request*

Dear CHRIS, ZACH and/or FRANK.

@Chris @Zach @frank

I know this might sound strange, but please can you kindly CLOSE and DELETE my forum Account on a permanent basis.

Due to some personal issues, I don’t want to keep my account anymore.

Btw, I have already sent an email at this address: as well, but I’m creating this topic, just in case you don’t get the email request.

Anyways, once my account has been closed/DISABLED, kindly LOCK this Topic as well. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I apologize if this may cause any sort of inconvenience, but I need your cooperation.


You will be missed, i ate some of your tips from other threads, good luck!

What NO!! Why?


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I replied to your email. As soon as I get that reply I will finish the request.

If you think there is any chance of returning just keep the account.