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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Stop spamming ^^^


im not spamming i just need some help u know whats it like when a game u bought doesn’t work or freezes so yeah


You didn’t buy the trainer.


i didnt buy it i never said i did i downloaded infinity on my pc and when i click play on my game it starts up and then freezes i just wanted to know if anyone has a solution on how to fix the problem thats all


First thing you should do is launch the game and load your save.
Then Alt-Tab and launch infinity and select play on the kingdom come trainer.

If the game freezes at that point, here are a couple of things to try.

  1. launch both game and infinity as Administrator.
  2. set your Anti-Virus to off, (if you are using McAfee or Norton Anti-Virus uninstall them and get something that isn’t shit)


Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list.

Also stop spamming. You can fill this whole thread up but you won’t get a reply until i or someone able to help sees it which we can even if you post once because we’re not blind!


I’m not sure if there is a work around for this but I used max exp and max perks, it gave me max level on all skills but no perk points and now because I am max on all skill I wont get any further perk points. Even going back to previous saves wont fix this. Just a warning for anyone else…


thanks for the trainer
the perfect item condition works but the unlimited items does not i think.
lockpick’s are still breaking after use and are lost afterwards.
maybe you could take a look if lockpicks are included


Really? They’re already out? In a tool which stores all the cheats of all my games conveniently in one place? Maybe people at WEMOD should forget about that hole infinity thing…?!
I didn’t find a zero weight cheat before and I really appreciate it because I’m a hoarder…


"Wemod should forget about the hole infinity thing ? "
Infinity is actually what you are convieniently using !!!


right on it? 4 days later, no update ;/ PLS UPDATE ;[[[[[[[[[[[[[[


I guessed everyone would see that this is sarcasm.

…and I didn’t realize that it’s not shown as an answer to the quote I answered on…

This one:


Update what? Trainer is up to date so i have no idea what you are on about


I said ’ skythekid30:
cos these cheats are kinda already out ;/

u said back to me
My bad, i am going to get right on it!. Don’t know what i was thinking really

so where is da update ;/ cos as I said, these cheats r out so where r they ?


i was kinda sarcastic but more cheats are coming soon.


ok ;/


@STN Can you make it so the unlimited nourishment doesn’t set to 9999 but more of just 100 or 99. Anything over 100 causes you to get the overeating debuff which causes you to move slower.


@STN I second this!
So get right to it :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep breaking lockpicks, for some reason even the Cheat Engine fails to duplicate or freeze my lockpicks. I’ve been successful once but it crashed and was not able to duplicate the scenario. I also cant do its with the SAVE potions. Please help me win. PS the CheatEngion speedhack helps but only a little. Thanks