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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam


cheat 9 doesnt work that well.
it doesnt work on savior snaps


Is there any chance that the “Supported Game Versions” might actually SAY what versions of the game are supported??
Steam, GoG or other versions have an impact on whether or not some Mods work, so it would be pretty handy to know.


It supports steam. Always check the trainer page.


I do check, i came from the Infinity page to here, hence my post… and it doesn’t mention Steam, GoG or anything else in the “Supported Version” section, (or on the Mod page on Infinity to my knowledge.)
Maybe it should just clearly state that it’s Steam version… avoids confusion for the thousands of GoG users. Thanks anyway. :wink:



I am not aware of any problems with GOG version so this trainer should work for GOG too. There are many games for which infinity works that are on GOG/cracked and other platforms besides steam so i don’t think information is necessary anyway.


Damn that Photoshop skills. Please teach me senpai!


Ohhh! That huge and really obvious Steam logo not at all hidden away in the corner! LOL My bad, it’s my increasing senility! It’s just a humble request for clarity though, especially as there are issues with some mods and none Steam versions, (for example Grim Dawn). So it’s also kinda hard to know a mod works for GoG especially when it’s apparently labelled with a Steam logo tucked in the corner! :wink: I’ll look harder in future, especially as your mods are awesome.


Optician’s appointment now booked. I’ll get my coat…


Why are you so snippy? Nobody is making fun of you or being smart but trying to help you and answering your question.

I also don’t see what the issue is, i told you this trainer works for GOG so go and enjoy?. I don’t see any problem with the icon being the size that it is now because that really isn’t the deciding factor of whether the trainer will work or not. Like i said several trainers work for many platforms cause of the way they are coded.


Many apologies, no offence was ever intended. My sense of humour didn’t translate. Sorry if i caused any upset. Honestly, i meant no harm or insult whatsoever. I was being flippant and it obviously didn’t come across that way. I completely understood and appreciated the help… don’t think i was being “snippy” at all, i thought the self deprecation was obvious, but clearly not.


PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS update and also STN why r u so amazing cos ur cheats better then my girlfriends p*ssy hole ;].


Get another girlfriend?


@skythekid30. I never have compared trainers to that . And i love trainers !


The Kingdom Come: Deliverance cheats have been updated!


  • Perfect Reputation cheat added
  • Easy Kills cheat added
  • Never Injured cheat added
  • Speed Modification cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


It would’ve been better if we can toggle on or off the speed modification so that if OFF it will be default and for those who had high end graphics card can turn it ON and increase the speed, thanks.


Incredible job


Set it to 1. That’s the default speed


@STN you should give stinger some pointers on trainer creation and updating. i dont claim to know his reason for not updating an actively used trainer for 6 months. If it has anything to do with motivation or something along those lines, you should have a long talk with him.


Thanks to the “Trainer maker”.
It s helps at start to avoid to finish skinning in a bush by a band of rogues