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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Could’ve told me before i updated it :frowning:


No. I found out 1 hour ago aswell


Version Guard installed and active lol. Thank you for updating! Just got my motherboard installed after a lengthy series of RMA requests and this was the first version installed. You rock STN!


Ty for the trainer
I have only a small problem, my infinited money and stamina stop working, you now if is my game that buged and if i can do anything to solve the problem without re install the game?


Am i doing something wrong? trainer still says its not a valid version. i have my game bought thru steam. link to pics.


sorry meant to tag you in this last post. but any help from anyone would be much appreciated. thank you in advance


ok so unlimited health and stam have stop working and how do i get that version guard?


I’ve been wondering the same thing. I’ve exited Infinity and restarted but it still says the Jun 22, 2018 date.


Try now


unlimited health push your level into an heavy number… not working :smile:


All of them work occasionally but for the most part they dont do anything. Not sure why, it could be a bug/ glitch or something wrong with the trainer. Not sure what game version i’m using so maybe thats the problem? using an outdated version of the game with an updated trainer?


what verison of the game does these cheats work for?


Thanks showing all green now,


@STN i think a note should be made on the perfect reputation cheat if used at certain portions of the game the game will think your on the bandits side because you have a good rep with them and it will cause the mission Baptism by fire quest to bug causing anyone to be stuck and not be able to proceed thought the main quest here is a link to basically what happens its an older post but its still happening the good info is towards the end


The trainer for health is still giving me insane level increase on main char level. And other things seem to break as well. June 22, 2018 version. Though I have The DLC From the Ashes installed so I don’t know if that makes a difference in the game code. I seen other trainers acting weird since the release of 1.6 patch Release of the the game.


Any chance we are going to see an update to this trainer? The 1.6 Ashes DLC seemed to mess up a few things.


I noticed that the Nourishment and Energy cheat currently do not work. Everything else seems to be working fine. Is there going to be an update here soon?


It’s saying no supported trainers for me


same for me,It worked last week wonderfully.


When I use health cheat my level goes up to 607099584 and all my skill goes to 99 (sorry bad english)