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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Numerous of the cheats no longer work, since the updates have slowed down recently, will you be able to update this in the near future, I understand that you created trainers for a lot of games, and these trainers need to be updated as well, but is it possible to get a rough date?

unlimited health, unlimited energy, unlimited nourishment, and zero weight all don’t work currently.

sorry if you don’t like being mentioned but since you haven’t replied in a month, @STN




just curious why unlimited health puts the level to some crazy number


So you don’t die? Some games kill you if you have a normal health


tested a few and they all worked, careful thou, you may unlock an achievement by accident, i used SAM (steam achievement manager) to deleted the one i unlocked, so thats an option.


is a great game, HD graphic and voices pack really makes the game more stable and smooth in my case


im not getting some to work does it have anything to do with the dlc and voice pak updates


Indeed some are not working, just tested unlimited health and Easy Kills, althou unlimited stamina worked

about the dlcs and hd+voice packs they dont change the version number, only sounds, voices and texture files, dont think they are causing the issue


I just tried using unlimited money and that gave the money to the guy i was trading with, not me.

Edit: I’m sorry. You just have to sell something and then unlimited money works.


The only mod/cheat that works for me is the speed mod


what game version are you using? Please check money and unlimited stamina that have been tested recently and indeed work and tell me if they work for you, since they work for steam version we will know if its other thing causing trouble


Yesderday only the easy kill, zero weight, unlimited xp and was never injured was working, they all turned on but didn’t do anything.

Now nothing works, nothing even turns on, cant even reassign the keys (game on or off). No idea what is going on with it, but now I’m several hundred pounds overweight.


they are all working for me now idk why but i like it


i tested this game with DLC and without them and some of them didnt work , this game is so random


If I enable any of the following it breaks my level and brings me to lvl 94860, but it doesn’t count as me actually being at that level, so nothing is unlocked

Unlimited Stamina
Unlimited Energy
Perfect Item Condition
Zero weight

EDIT: After restarting the game it’s only stamina that’s doing it now


When enabling Unlimited Energy, perfect item condition, never injured, and unlimited health/stamina. Does it affect the npc’s too? Like the enemies.


ok so i have tested everything and the way to get everything to work for me is to turn on all the cheats i wanna use at the main menu then load your game and everything works for me then hope it helps all


The trainer works, but as soon as you choose the Unlimited Energy option it increases the level to really high values. I was level 16, after that my level went to 10987. But all in all, every option I’ve tested works, as in the following: Unlimited Stamina, Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Nourishment and Perfect Item Condition. Could use an update because of that level rocketing.


How does perfect reputation work? It dosent seem to work. Even in the last patch that it was updated to.


Health and Stamina doesn’t work. Player level values skyrocket when used.

No injuries still works as does No weight and unlimited items. Unlimited money works.

Speed modification modifies the entire world and not just the player. When combat is based on your ability to read and react it made my fights quite scary when i was 3x speed. good for getting across the world faster than a horse.

I’ll play with energy, item condition and nourishment later.


Let me help you with that.

Energy and nourishment doesn’t work, item condition works.