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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats and Trainer for Steam


The update was successfully voted for so STN should hopefully get to it soon!


There is a new DLC Band of Bastards coming out soon. Just caught wind of it the other day. might wait till then to ensure that any update doesn’t get made obsolete by DLC and coordinating updates.


Appreciate that heads up :slight_smile:



any news when this will be updated =) … cant wait… lol


The DLC Band of Bastards is being released in February. When it releases it with also have official game updates which may make any trainer updates incompatible and waste their time and effort trying to update. I believe they are waiting for the new DLC before trying to update this particular trainer.


Aaaaannnnnnd The new DLC has been released. I suppose it should be safe for an update now.


I was coming here to ask just the same. When can we look forward to an update for this. Or are we going to wait for the last dlc to be released before anything happens? What im referring to here is The Combat Academy as well as the Woman’s lot dlc’s.


The game has reached the voting threshold so the trainer should be updated as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


out of curiosity…How far down on the list is this one of prioroities?


check how high in the voting list it is.
It’s not a definite answer but stn mostly goes by that


That’s correct^

I am trying to get my release count higher, close to hitting the 300 trainers mark.


Any news on the update? Cheers!


read the previous answers in this thread and you have your answer


But it have hit the “request” line, so that’s why I ask??


Is there a confirmed date on when trainers get added or do we just have to wait until it’s added?


i hope the update is coming soon as the request bar has surpass the recommended amount. and it would be great to get this games trainer updated, i know you got alot of trainers to be made and updated but the sooner this is updated its the sooner you wont need to stress about this trainer.

P.S STN i know we give you a hard time by constantly asking about updates and all that but you are doing a fantastic job as without you and others we would not have these trainers for our fave games. so keep it up


@STN i like that one :
" The sooner that this updated the less you have to stress about updating this "
That was good !! :stuck_out_tongue:


im glad you like that


Well this is 3rd in line overall for updates and the other 2 arent STN made and 4th in line fore all request and the others their precursors where made by others. So I would assume this should be relatively high on his update list. But not knowing which games he still has left to update and what their player base is(even with lower votes if more people play the game then higher priority) so no idea how long this one will take


The Kingdom Come: Deliverance cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!