KINGDOM HEARTS III Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

Is there a possibility to include a unlimited timer for the ReMind (DLC) Luxord (Data Battle)? . The one hit kill cheat does not work on this guy (the only time I actually want to use it…)

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The luxord fight is driving me nuts, The god mode helps but it still decreases the timer when i get hit and also the one hit kill isnt working

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Just popping in to say that this is still an issue. The cheat makes it look like you have full health, but you can see it decrease before it pops back every time you take a hit in this particular area, and you can still very much die like normal if you get hit too much.

Adding onto what people are saying about the Luxord fight. God Mode avoids you getting hit, but the game still makes your timer go down as if the hits were effective. Likewise, the one hit/Damage Multiplier codes have no affect on this fight whatsoever. So an Infinite Timer cheat would be lovely since he’s by far the hardest of the bunch due to it being a time limit (and him twisting the cards around when he hides away so you can’t find him easily).

How come I die during the group fight where I have to fight the armor dudes in the air? I have god mode on.

Update plis, all key blade , armor, staff not found.


Hello, the trainer needs some update, can’t get any material (keyblades, consumables, materials, etc., etc.)

It’s sad to see a trainer just… degrade into dust like this from neglect…

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Suggestion of a new cheat:

  • noclip - noclip keeps you at the same elevation and takes small hills like stairs into account. This is to enter areas as an emergency if anything catastrophic / unexpected happens, such as skipping a cutscene or letting it play and being locked out of an arena with no way back in. These bugs happen and noclip could counter that.

Bug report:

  • Setting the HP and MP settings back to 100 after having modified them keeps all allies HP and MP maxed at 100, regardless if you disable cheats, level up, or otherwise. You can’t change this even if you quit wemod.
  • Possible fix: Setting it to zero in an update will stop it from permanently modifying it.

So my sister using WeMod and activate one hit kill mod, but when she playing without WeMod, the one hit kill still active, even after turn it on and off with WeMod. Any solution for this?
Thank you

Hello so I have been playing KH3 and started playing into the DLC Remind. In one of the boss battles while fighting against the 13 shadows I would continue to fail the mission near the end of the battle. when I look at my health bar it is full. Even in God mode I continue to lose health at the end of the DLC. When I play in the normal game the mods work perfectly. Is this something that can be looked into? Thanks!