KONY 2012 - Lets make KONY famous, not for celebration, but for his capture


if you make it past the first 5 minutes of the video it actually turns into something worth your time. the entire board needs to see this, no exceptions. this deserves more replies, it’s truly shocking that most everyone’s never even heard of the guys name…

Raising a kid like this will have a serious impact on his life, I hope he’s considered that. However this is ****ing horrible, I really have no idea why they let this go on, We have a army trained in many aspects of combat, We should be able to take him out with a sniper without harming any of the poor kids that have been forced to work for him.

Edit: Just finished watching the video, Pretty shocking stuff. Liked the facebook page, But since i live in the Uk that’s really all i can do. However i will tell all my friends about it.

I watched every single second of it. Everybody share this on facebook, tweet it, re-upload, etc.

This is a great cause.

It’s not that easy.

We kill him, his follows start killing more innocent people.

Watched the whole thing, can’t believe the UK aren’t helping out. He deserves to be caught and tried.

I actually watched it, even though some parts bored me, but I knew I had to finish it.

This should be shared everywhere, it’s sad but true that countries won’t do anything, so we have to.

His followers probably wouldn’t do that. They’d just need like a mass counseling session. We need to take him out before all the kids turn into adults.

I can’t stop dubstep remix is filled with KONY comments.

People like this should burn in hell for the emotional and physical damage he is doing to only to the kids and families but this mentally troubles me as well.

this was really worth my time thanks for the share. im sharing it to all my friends now. sense i have the money im donating $25 every month, its for a great cause guys :smile:

Can you buy those kits?


We might as well begin in the uk Stop Kony

There are more places around the world like this, maybe not as large in numbers but defiantly still there and strong. Awareness should be raised about all the **** going on, not just this. However I still think it is great that Kony is being brought into the light. Congratz to that and I’ll make some fliers and spread them around the city on Apr. 20.


But really, it isn’t all that easy.


Where do I buy this kit?

That’s what I want to know, I don’t see it anywhere on the website.

How come I posted this first but Drakes got in the news :@@, and hurry up and make donations in GBP aswell!

He’s not getting away like Osama, and I can’t wait to see all the posters in April <3

It helps spread the word with his thread on the homepage.