L.A Noire - Case interview Walkthroughs

I thought i would post these interview walkthroughs for anyone who is having trouble with them or just wants to get 5 stars on each case or 100%. Some of the evidence you use against the people your interviewing will have to be found by yourself sometimes but apart from that these should help you out :smile:

If you haven’t picked this game up already i suggest you do so - it’s great :thumbsup:

Credit to Game Guide Central and L.A Noire wiki for the information.

Patrol Cases

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Buyer Beware

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Interview Clovis Galletta:

Witness account: Lie – Layaway Voucher
Murder suspect: Doubt
Details of shooting: Truth

Interrogate Edgar Kalou:

Argument with Gage: Lie – Suspect Positively Identified by Clovis Galletta
Possible religious motive: Doubt

Traffic Cases

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The Drivers seat

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Interview Nate Wilkey:

Purpose at scene: Truth
Knowledge of Adrian Black: Truth
Contents of wallet: Doubt
Bloodstained pipe found: Truth

Interview Margaret Black:

Slaughterhouse receipt: Truth
Location of Adrian Black: Truth
Alibi for Mrs. Black: Truth
Cavanagh’s Bar matchbook: Truth
Stenzel glasses case: Truth
Photograph signed ‘Nicole’: Lie – Concealed Message

Interview Frank Morgan:

Link to abandoned vehicle: Lie – Receipt for live hog
Location of Adrian Black: Doubt

A Marriage Made In Heaven

Open Me

Interview Shannon Perry:

Eyewitness report: Truth
Suspect vehicle description: Truth
Argument overheard: Doubt

Interview Dudley Lynch:

Hit and run incident: Doubt
Association with victim: Truth
Argument overheard in bar: Doubt
Joint business venture: Doubt

Interview Lorna Pattison:

Hit and run incident: Doubt
Nature of argument: Doubt
Partnership with Leroy Sabo: Lie – Insurance letter

A Slip Of The Tongue

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Interview Cliff Harrison:

Vehicle reported as stolen: Truth
Motive for flight: Doubt
Vehicle purchase details: Truth

Interview Richard Coombs:

Details of transaction: Truth
Description of Suspect: Truth
Association with Marquee: Truth
Check payment Details: Doubt
Suspicious transaction: Doubt

Interrogate James Belasco:

Stolen auto courier: Doubt
Association with Archer: Lie – Archer’s ownership papers
Auto theft racket: Doubt
Stolen vehicle warehouse: Doubt

Interview Jean Archer:

Stole Kaiser Frazer: Doubt
Association with Belasco: Lie – Belasco’s ownership papers
Stolen auto courier: Doubt

Interview Gordon Leilvol:

Knowledge of theft racket: Doubt
Pink slip Supply: Doubt
Coombs auto Deliveries: Doubt

Interview Steven Bigelow:

Pink Slip Supply: Doubt
Association with Leilvol: Lie – Delivery ledger

Interview Gordon Leivol:

Deliveries to industrial St.: – Lie: Betting slips

The Fallen Idol

Open Me

Interview June Ballard:

Doping allegation: Doubt
Injured female passenger: Lie – Underwear
Fake shrunken head: Doubt
Suspect ‘Mark Bishop’: Doubt

Interview Jessica Hamilton:

Crash incident report: Lie – Evidence of abuse / Underwear
Contact with parents: Lie – Letter from mother
Association with Bishop: Doubt
Evidence of criminal abuse: Truth

Interview Gloria Bishop:

Domestic disturbance: Doubt
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Check for $20,000: Doubt / Lie – $20,000 Check
Abuse of Jessica Hamilton: Doubt

Interview Marlon Hopgood:

Association with Bishop: Lie – Chloral hydrate / Empty film canister
Whereabouts of Bishop: Truth
Relationship with June Ballard: Lie – Empty film canister
Blackmailing Bishop: Lie – Blackmail

Homicide Cases

Open Me

The Red Lipstick Murder

Open Me

Interview **** McColl:

Suspect seen with victim: Truth
Ring stolen from victim: Doubt
Knowledge of husband: Doubt

Interview Jacob Henry:

Movements of victim: Lie – Husband’s alibi
Last contact with victim: Truth
Motive for murder: Lie – Death threat note

Interrogate Jacob Henry:

Access to murder weapon: Lie – Husband’s alibi
Lipstick markings: Truth
Deterioration of marriage: Lie – Marital problems
Missing jewelry: Truth

The Golden Butterfly

Open Me

Interview Michelle Moller:

Last contact with victim: Doubt
Missing watch and rings: Truth
State of parents’ marriage: Doubt

Interview Hugo Moller:

Footprints at crime scene: Lie – Size eight work boots
Alibi for Hugo Moller: Lie – Husband’s alibi
Missing persons report: Doubt
History of violence: Lie – Butterfly brooch

Interrogate Hugo Muller:

Disposal of evidence: Truth
Access to braided rope: Doubt
Victim’s vehicle recovered: Lie – Overalls
Access to tire iron: Lie – Bloody tire iron

Interrogate Eli Rooney:

Footprints at crime scene: Doubt
Place of employment: Doubt
Access to braided rope: Truth
Motive for Moller murder: Doubt

The Silk Stocking Murder

Open Me

Interview Barbara Lapenti:

Possible suspects: Truth
Movements of victim: Doubt
Evidence of break-in: Lie – Broken window
Breakdown of marriage: Lie – Charm bracelet photograph

Interview bartender:

Missing jewelry: Doubt
Movements of victim: Truth

Interview Angel Maldonado:

Last contact with victim: Lie – Husband’s alibi
Divorce proceedings: Lie – Divorce papers
Jewelry taken from body: Truth
Bloodstained shirt found: Doubt

Interview Clem Feeney:

Distinctive necklace: Doubt
Contact with victim: Doubt
Movements of victim: Truth

The White Shoe Slaying

Open Me

Interview Catherine Barton:

Suspicious persons: Truth

Interview Lars Taraldsen:

Possible suspects: Lie – Bow rope
Alibi for Lars Taraldsen: Doubt
Victim’s state of mind: Doubt
Last contact with victim: Lie – Wet jacket / Muddy boots

Interview Benny Cluff:

Last contact with victim: Truth
Vagrant male suspect: Doubt
Yellow Cab 3591: Truth

Interview Richard Bates:

Contact with victim: Doubt
Account of movements: Doubt

Interrogate James Jessop:

Contact with victim: Doubt
Incident with bates: Doubt
Movements prior to murder: Doubt
Cab ride with victim: Doubt

Interrogate Stuart Ackerman:

Motive for murder: Doubt / Lie – Bloodstained rope piece
Contact with victim: Doubt
Alibi for Stuart Ackerman: Doubt / Lie – Purse

The Studio Secratary Murder

Open Me

Interview John Jameson:

Interference with evidence: Truth
Discovery of victim’s body: Doubt

Interview Robbins:

Contact with victim: Truth
Relationship with victim: Truth
Knowledge of McCaffrey: Doubt

Interview Grosvenor McCaffrey:

Criminal history: Doubt
Relationship with victim: Lie – Book

Interrogate James Tiernan:

Relationship with victim: Lie – Victim last seen
Victim’s book found: Doubt
Alibi for James Tiernan: Lie – Liquor purchase
Access to murder weapon: Doubt

Interrogate Grosvenor McCaffrey:

Alibi for McCaffrey: Lie – Torn letter
Access to tire iron: Lie – Tiernan’s accusation

Interrogate James Tiernan:

Events prior to murder: Lie – McCaffrey’s accusation

Interrogate Grosvenor McCaffrey:

Military service: Lie – McCaffrey’s criminal record

Charge McCaffrey.

Ad Vice Cases

Open Me

Black Caeser

Open Me

Interview Fleetwood Morgan:

Morphine overdose victims: Lie – Morphine for distribution
Numbers slips recovered: Doubt

Interrogate Jermaine Jones:

Army surplus morphine: Doubt
Involvement of ‘Ottie’: Lie – Distributor identified
Link to Ramez Removals: Doubt

Interrogate Merlon Ottie:

Army surplus morphine: Lie – Finkelstein identified
IOU note from Jose Ramez: Truth

The Set Up

Open Me

Interview Candy Edwards

Whereabouts of Hammond: Lie – Magazine coupon
List of odds recovered: Lie – Bookmakers’ payouts
Plans to leave town: Doubt

The Naked City

Open Me

Interview Mrs. Reynoldson:

Victim’s state of mind: Lie – Barbituates / Sleeping pills for depression
Victim’s personal life: Lie – Men’s smoking jacket
Relationship with victim: Doubt

Interview Dr. Stoneman:

Relationship with victim: Lie – Benzedrine prescription
Additional medications: Doubt

Interview the dress store owner:

Victim’s employment history: Truth

Interview Heather Swanson:

Relationship with victim: Truth
Informed of ‘Mr Henderson’: Truth

Interview Henry Arnett:

Relationship with victim: Doubt
Informed of ‘Mr Henderson’: Lie – Housekeeper’s statement
Burglary suspect Leblanc: Doubt

Interview Mrs. Evestrom:

List of stolen Items: Lie – Faberge Cigarette Case
Burglary Incident Report: Truth (I think, there was no confirmation on # of correct answered questions)

Interview with Henry Arnett:

Professional Burglary Ring: Lie – Faberge Cigarette Case
Motive for Randall Murder: Lie – Train Ticket
Identity of Mr. Henderson: Lie – Contraband List

Manifest Destiny

Open Me

Interview the Hostess:

111 Club shooting incident: Doubt
Knowledge of McGoldrick: Truth

Interview Elsa Lichtmann:

Army surplus morphine: Doubt
Morphine overdose victims: Doubt

Interview Mickey Cohen:

Finklestein drug operation: Doubt
111 Club shooting incident: Doubt

Interview Felix Alvarro:

Informed of Coolridge heist: Doubt
Motive for shooting: Lie – Sniper’s pocketbook

Interview Jack Kelso:

Army surplus morphine: Doubt
Ex-Marine McGoldrick: Truth
Arms stolen from Coolridge: Truth
SS Coolridge robbery: Doubt

Interview Courtney Sheldon:

6th Marines being targeted: Lie – Shooter’s notebook / Note
SS Coolridge robbery: Lie – Beckett’s confession

Arson Cases

Open Me

The Gas Man

Open Me

Interview Don Steffes:

Travel competition: Truth
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt

Interview John Cunningham:

Suburban Redevelopment: Truth
Promotional travel contest: Doubt

Interview Ivan Rasic:

InstaHeat Model 70: Doubt
Heater service history: Lie – Heater serviced by Ryan / Heater serviced by Varley

Interview Walter Clemens:

Knowledge of Varley: Doubt
Employment with InstaHeat: Doubt
Knowledge of Ryan: Lie – Clemens’ anarchist pamphlet

Interrogate Reginald Varley:

Work at Sawyer residence: Lie – Heater serviced by Varley
Surburban Redevelopment: Lie – Walter Clemens’ statement
InstaHeat Model 70: Lie – Mosquito coils

Interrogate Matthew Ryan:

Anarchist literature: Lie – Ryan’s anarchist pamphlets
InstaHeat Model 70: Lie – Ivan Rasic’s statement
Suburban Redevelopment: Doubt
Attempted murder charge: Lie – Ryan’s criminal record

A Walk In The Elysian Fields

Open Me

Interview Dudley Forman:

Suspicious activity: Doubt
Morelli fire witness report: Doubt
Planned demolitions: Doubt
Promotional travel contest: Truth

Interview Leland Monroe:

Elysian linked to arsons: Doubt
Promotional travel contest: Lie – Elysian Fields flyers
Local land acquisitions: Doubt
Rancho Escondido fire: Lie – Poor cement quality

House Of Sticks

Open Me

Interview Elsa Lichtmann:

Disputed claim payout: Doubt
Connection to Buchwalter: Doubt
Motive for dispute: Truth

A Polite Invitation

Open Me

Interview Curtis Benson:

Motive for fraud: Lie – Share certificate
Suburban Redevelopment: Lie – Insurance agreement
Buchwalter case settlement: Doubt

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