L.A. Noire Save Decrypter

One of the best games I’ve played in a long time so I decided to make a tool for it, there’s loads of stats to hex edit and from what I’ve seen so far all pretty easy to find.

Save must be extracted from the CON first

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RW63MIA3

Usage: la crypt.exe file option
Use -e or -d for the option to choose encrypt/decrypt

Nice decrypter Oscar! I have been waiting for a tool to come out. I will be sure to use this. :smile:

Thanks oscar you made my day :smile:

Nice decrypter there oscar :stuck_out_tongue:

It gives me an error when I try to decrypt the Data.dat file.

What error?

Yeah, I’ve tried with three different saves(Downloaded with Modio) and got this error:

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Uploading an image now.

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Updated, most likely a problem trying to load the dll. This is a command line version.

Great work Oscar.

Nice Oscar. This will come in handy.

How the **** do I use this because when I double click the LA Crypt.exe file it blinks and then nothing happens and then when I try to open LA Crypt.exe in the CMD it just says no file specified.

It’s a command line app

la crypt.exe file then -e or -d to specify to encrypt or decrypt.

I do everything you do and nothing happens.

You don’t actually want to put the quotation marks.

Tell me what I am doing wrong???

Is la crypt.exe in that directory(desktop)? try changing the name to “bob.exe” and running a command like that.

I think you guys aren’t specifying the location.

  1. Open command prompt and drag your la crypt.exe into it.
  2. Put a space, and then drag the save into it.
  3. Put another space, and put -d or -e and click enter.

At the end it should look like this:

Tried that and I pressed enter and it just asked me to type a new command line in. Uploading an image now.

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awesome oscar