Lately horizon has been crashing

So lately when i use Horizon it starts up fine no problems then when i go to use it sometimes it stops responding and crashes (has happened three times with windows just saying it has stopped responding at random times ) then when i go to drag a save file i extracted it shows me im not allowed to drag n dropped the save file anymore so im constantly left to open package manager and open the file manually.

is there anything wrong with my installation of Horizon ? or does this happen a lot to everyone else ?

@DemiOgod, Please try downloading: .NET Framework (3.5) do not go above because Horizon doesn’t fully Support “.NET Framework 3.5+” If that does not resolver the issue please try Uninstalling Horizon and then install it back! then if does not try work you have 1 option left that is to make another account on Windows 7 and re-install .NET Framework 3.5! If this helped you please Thank me :smiley:, And if none of those options work, Try Contacting: Horizon Support thank you for reading my Reply!

Try running the program as Administrator, sometimes, drag & drop won’t work if the program doesn’t have the right permissions.

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i cannot because most of the stuff i have on my computer requires me to use .NET Framework 3.5+ my .Net Framework works fine though because i play MMORPGS on my computer.

and im not doing anything with horizon on most of the crashes, i get what i need done and close everything besides horizon then go over to my xbox n test out what i just did (more like extract files n re-enter the files for a game like Diablo 3) so im not doing anything that would make it crash. Well thats yours but my computer is running -

                                     Intel(r) Core(TM) i3-2350M Cpu @ 2.30GHz x2
                                                           6GB RAM
                                                 Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
                                                          .NET Framework 4.5.2

it is always running as Administrator drag n drop items use to work without it and with it now it just stopped

Should i just remove it and reinstall it to see if that fixes the drag n drop issue and the crashing bit ?

Suppose its this error i have no idea.