Latest Horizon has a trojan

It made me update today to the latest horizon version, I tried to open the newly updated horizon and malware bytes came up and told me it has a trojan, so I quarantined it.

Why is there a trojan inside the latest Horizon, there wasn’t any in the previous versions?

most likely a false positive.
Did you download it from this site ?
Or from a third party?

This site.

Its got me worried though as I’ve had nearly had every version of it and only today since I updated its warned me of a trojan from the application.

^^thats what it says. But it only comes up when I open it.

When I scan it it says its clean.

What is your anti-virus software?

AVG latest free version.

I have malware bytes installed aswell.

malware bytes saying its got a trojan in it for the 1st time. As I said this didnt happen in previous versions.

Its your anti-virus then its picking Horizon up as a virus but its just a false positive. Nothing to be worried about.

ok. Just making sure. You cant be to careful nowdays

Not a Trojan, just your Anti-Virus Software picking something up.
Just disable it for the time being when using Horizon.

The version wouldn’t be released if it had a Trojan.

Don’t worry, Horizon is not a virus… it just sometimes shows this.

Delete the current version you have and download a new version from the site…
Download it here.

If it shows as a virus again, don’t worry… its not, as long as you downloaded it from the sites redirect link.

Cheater would not ever do that to us i’ve gotten that before i am pretty sure your saft just pass it and you’ll be fine if not then talk to cheater.

I hope not!

I’ve just ignored it now anyway.

Thanks for your replies. Just seemed weird as I have had every version of horizon and malwarebytes hasn’t said anything except for the latest version of horizon

It’s just your antivirus it’s a free piece of crap (no offense) so you need something better, free ones like that always make that dumb mistake.

Its not my antivirus thats the problem. Its malwarebytes that I pay for and its all up to date.

Like stated it is a False positive. I’m sure cheater will contact malware bytes when he gets on. This has happened in the past also.