Latest Skrillex Wallpaper Rate!

Closed due to jelly flamers

You are an idiot. You did not make that wallpaper. I have seen it 50 times.

[details=Open Me]

Is this you?

I have found it on 2 other places.

The Tech Game - _|design Request | +rep Best| _

Computer wallpapers / Search Skrillex, result 2.

Yes it is …

Skill just because your trying to protect your friend who has nicely delt with it with me dosnt mean you have to be a miserably flamer …

Who are you trying to convince? You or us?
Its clear that you did not make it, no point in lying.

  1. I’m not flaming.
  2. Learn some grammar.
  3. You stole my friends sig, obviously I am going to defend him.
  4. You are an idiot and do not know how to make your own graphics.

1 i remade his sig as u can see his is watermarked = your dumb

2 stop being a little grammer nazi

3 Get over yourself and stop flaming

4 go read up what flaming is

5 :laughing:

Ok stop lying, you did not remake it, you took the original and I made a watermarked version to prevent further ripping.

LOL. Are you a ****ing idiot man? You did not “remake” his sig. He added the watermark after you took it. I’m not flaming I’m just proving that you are making yourself look like more and more of an idiot. Go back to TTG.

Your post =

t1m3 f0r a gee eff ex b4ttle!!!1!1!!!

lol thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue: i hate these its clearly when there just jellous of my skill hahaah

nice post though !!

lmao…Xeon I know you didn’t make this. Don’t lie, the internet will rape you 9 times out of 10.

LOL you can just go ahead and google images skrillex wallpaper and you can see that your lying kid your an idiot …

Learn to spell.

I clicked thanks on one of your posts, didn’t mean to though.

WOW! You can use Content-Aware to remove a water mark!!!


I really have no more comment about this guy.
All I have to say is he is a liar and that’s what he’ll do for the rest of his life.
I honestly do not think he will learn.
He goes around stealing other peoples work and acts like he made it.
Then when you confront him he just denies everything.
This guy is in denial. He needs serious help or just needs to grow up.
I swear he must be like 5 and shouldn’t even be aloud on this forum.
I hope he has fun in hell.

I honestly hate people like this.
I have no clue what goes on in their mind when they just lie constantly and don’t care.
It’s pathetic. Goodbye.

I second this motion.

I Third this motion