Le Fluffie?

Anyone have a download link for this modding program?

Just want to try it out:)

Le Fluffie?
here is the download link…


Do you mean Le Fluffie?
And all you have to is google it and the first link will be the most updated one.


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here LeFluffee.rar

When I try to open up the .exe it stops working…

EDIT:Got it to work :smile:

Or Use:

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

He never said Le Fluffie was better or anything.
He said he “just wanted to try it out”

Le Fluffie is not 100% the majority of the time it will corrupt your profile, or when you put it back on your HD, you will have a zero GS and a blank profile

The dev of Le Fluffie is talented and all, but ****ing hell he’s careless, not thorough enough and worst of all, is a furry. -_-

He’s cute as ****, an awesome DJ, and pretty chill overall.
Furries rule!

8 years old.