App Horizon

Le Fluffie?

Anyone have a download link for this modding program?

Just want to try it out:)

Le Fluffie?
here is the download link…


Do you mean Le Fluffie?
And all you have to is google it and the first link will be the most updated one.

here LeFluffee.rar

When I try to open up the .exe it stops working…

EDIT:Got it to work :smile:

Or Use:

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - Horizon

He never said Le Fluffie was better or anything.
He said he “just wanted to try it out”

Le Fluffie is not 100% the majority of the time it will corrupt your profile, or when you put it back on your HD, you will have a zero GS and a blank profile

The dev of Le Fluffie is talented and all, but ****ing hell he’s careless, not thorough enough and worst of all, is a furry. -_-

He’s cute as ****, an awesome DJ, and pretty chill overall.
Furries rule!

Better late then never but if you have problems with corruption then you need a profile that already has like at least 40 games on it or more so it doesn’t freak out and corrupt itself. If that doesn’t help I have a profile that never gets corrupt that is offline. Sorry but it has modded GPDs but you can delete them.

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