Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game Cheats and Trainer for Steam

This mod literally doesn’t work whatsoever. I’m sure it’s been hard work making the mod of course and everything, but it literally doesn’t add leaves or anything. I’ve seen some people say it adds cheese but it doesn’t even do that for me. It’s just completely broken even though it was recently updated (like 8 days ago). Either I’m using it wrong or it needs updated again. Thank you.

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Okay, I just recently made a post here but I feel the need to make another because quite frankly this trainer is just a joke. As I’ve said I’m sure it’s more complicated than I think to make these mods, but it literally does not work. It says “Add 1 million leaves” but it doesn’t do anything, the dev has said “Just hold the hotkey and it’ll work” which I’ve tried countless times and it has no effect, I’ve tried restarting the game, making sure WeMod was up to date, and trying it under countless different conditions and it doesn’t work whatsoever. I’ve read other posts as well and they have asked multiple times dated from YEARS back (All the way back to 2019) to add more options/cheats to the trainer and the developer even said he would and never followed through on this “promise”. There have also been people saying it just adds a random amount to a random currency (Whether that’s leaves or gems) which is very misleading anyway with the button saying “Add 1M leaves” which is also a very low number for this game anyways since most things after a few upgrades cost over a million. The dev has made 1000 excuses or promises that were just not true or not followed through on and it’s honestly just a joke. Paying hard earned money to play games with a better experience and we’re given this (For this particular game most others work just fine). To be honest the WeMod devs should just remove this trainer from their menu in general and another dev should make a REAL trainer for this game instead of this laughable mistake. People have asked for different amount sets, different cheats (Like gem adding, insta kill, buy everything etc.) and the Dev doesn’t even try to add these. The mod is still being updated to this DAY (Which honestly it really isn’t being updated since every log since it’s came out has been “Bug fixes and compatibility fixes” which I’m sure is a whole lot of nothing. This trainer really could have been something great and worth the money but as I’ve said it’s a joke and needs to either be removed or under a different developer because the current one obviously wants nothing to do with it. As I’ve said this trainer is just a big joke and it’s really just sad and not worth wasting your time or money. (If WeMod devs have a problem with this post contact me personally because I am genuinely speaking the truth on this menu, test it yourself if you think I’m lying.) Thank you for reading this long post and don’t waste your time with this trainer.

Mod doesn’t work. please fix

The Leaf Blower Revolution - Idle Game cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Resources cheat added
  • Set Leaves Multiplier cheat added
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mods working and it has helped out tremendously. game is stable and haven’t had any issues. currntly only having unlimited resources and the leaf multiplier is great to blast through the beginning but when it comes to materials there is no support so you’re on your own. would love for materials support. much love thank you for getting this mod working