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This year for Halloween I plan on making my own Shufflebot head, the robot in the LMFAO videos. I guess it’ll be easy enough to cut the cardboard and paint it, but I want to put in LEDs, too. I don’t know anything about making circuits. I want to put red LEDs in the mask, but I don’t know how to do that, either. I suppose I could take a strip of cardboard or thin wood and stick the lights in it, and solder them together, but I don’t know where to go from there. I would also like to make the lights flash alternatively like a strobe light, although I can leave that out if it’s too complicated. Also, what would I use to power the LEDs, or do they even need a power source?

tl;dr How do you power LEDs without a wall plug? How do you make LEDs flash like a strobe light? What is the best place to buy LEDs?

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Use this I am

Well they make special LEDS that flash, you can purchase them at uniqueleds.com

Um, yea lol. How else would you expect them to light up.

If you don’t know much about leds/wiring/soldering I would search for a pre-built setup and modify it.

I was confused about needing a power source because I was looking at a how-to guide for making your own shufflebot head, and it showed how the LEDs were soldered, but didn’t say anything thing about needing a power source.

Watch that vid it explains alot, its from household hacker

I did, and I’m at the EL Wire website right now XD

Lol you posted this on 7s too. Use my LED tut link in my sig.

led strip lights
flexible led strip
recessed led ceiling lights

LEDs, Cardbored, battery.


The LEDs will need to all be connected and then soldered to a power source like a battery.

Well they make special LEDS that flash, you can purchase them at uniqueleds.com