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Left 4 Dead 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

cheat menu needs a no fall damage cheat.

i was dicking around and got to the part where you speak to the guy at the gun shop, walked over to the edge by the stairs and jumped off with the max player height and died from fall damage.

Custom jump height is for jumping not for falling , and it has unlimited health

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Unlimited health doesn’t work.

the cheats still wont work in the game.

Is there any chance that this can be made to work in online co op with friends?

No, never.

This was the first game I tried this app on and it worked flawlessly. Everything worked smoothly and all hot keys worked. Would love to see more mods added in the future if possible such as weapon spawning, enemies don’t target, etc

is anyone else getting a problem with this trainer as mine doesnt want to show on the infinity as picture shows

Yes. It’s apparently a problem with the server.
It will sort itself out or frank will fix it as soon as he sees the threads he was tagged in

I having a issues to play Left 4 Dead 2 on Infinty when I select the game it say “catastrophic failure” what that suppose to mean?? Anyone online I need help I just bought this game for fun…

One hit kills does not seem to work, any fixes?

Doesnt work online :frowning:

WeMod does not support cheating in multiplayer in any game. You are very likely to receive a vac ban for trying it.

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This trainer need an update

Hey can you please update this trainer?

is this same for online multirplay?

No. Nothing here is for online or multiplayer. Only made for singleplayer

My game keeps crashing when I’m online

Well dont play online then. No trainer is made to use online. Most likley you will get banned

Don’t care about it, I play online with cheat and i don’t get banned