Left 4 Dead 2 Mod help!

I have the save game from Left 4 Dead 2 , when I open my device explorer it reads it. After so, I’ll hit the “Mod” Tab , and the save game edot wont open with the commands. Any one else run into this problem?

Make sure the L4D2 save is selected by clicking on it before pressing the Mod tab, or just double click the save to open it in the editor.

I do, like if I hit the gear icon, it’ll pop up with the game, console, title ID , but the command wont show, nor the name that I changed it too. “left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg” I appreciate the reply! If you any other advice or tricks i’ll try them!

Is the mod option grayed out or not there at all? The gear icon usually brings you to the content manager.

The mod option is all there , on the device explorer, and on the save game editor. Ill push the “Mod” option on the device explorer. Then I get to the content manager and hit mod content or hit the drop down menu. And nothing is there but its reading the “save game”. Is L4D one of the hard games to mod offline?

you shouldnt change the name of the file just leave it as it is then you open it and it will show “left4dead2_cfg_pri.cfg” which is the ingame options menu then use the drop down menu to show “left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg” which is the game data

See thats what I thought, but the drop down doesnt have that option.

it wont when you taken it upon yourself to rename ****. If the was never a “left4dead2_cfg_ss.cfg” in the drop down theres no game data simple as. It like the game has been loaded to the main menu and dashboarded

I have the same problem. is it because we have the game on disc form?

cant mod i dont know what i do