Left 4 Dead 2 modding with USB Help

Okay so can someone tell me how to mod a Left 4 Dead 2 Gamesave from a USB like i opened the gamesave on Horizon now what do i do?

Use A Left 4 Dead Tool
Extract Game SAVE And Open It.

l4d 2 tool you need sources for it.

thats it?

Sources? Where would i get sources from

Try this its a source maker Left4DeadUSMakerSOURCE.rar

okay i downloaded that thanks i understand it but once im done assigning the buttons what do i do?

I have to say the mods for left for dead 2 don’t work so don’t try.

I heard they work but not for online play.
Is this true?
Only offline?

Valve patched the mods in a title update, so I think you can only use them offline by removing the title update from the cache.

Okay, I may not have many forum posts, but that’s beside the point. All L4D2 modding is on the Xbox is modifying the control binds for the controller to use console commands. Console commands are little “Cvars” you type into the console to “edit” the gameplay. This may seem complex, but it’s really easy, and I’ll put a link for all the “Cvars” near the end.

To mod L4D2, first delete the TU (just go to your hard drive, press Y, and it will pop up a screen, you want to “Clear System Cache.” I don’t know why it works this way, but it does.) Next, download Horizon on your PC. Open Horizon. (I don’t know much about the transfer cables, but I do know about the USB modding.) Move or copy your user settings to the flash drive in your Xbox storage (under system settings, then storage) Unplug the USB from the Xbox and into your computer. Then, open the device explorer and look under “Left for Dead 2”. Find the file that is labeled “User Settings” and is for your profile. Double click on it. Then, it will open a small window in Horizon with a bunch of code crap that we won’t mess with. Near the top right, there will be a drop down bar, open it and click on the second item on the list. It should then show something like this (open spoiler)

Open Me

bind “A_BUTTON” "+jump;+menuAccept"
bind “B_BUTTON” "+reload"
bind “X_BUTTON” "+use"
bind “Y_BUTTON” "lastinv"
bind “L_SHOULDER” "vocalize smartlook"
bind “R_SHOULDER” "+lookspin"
bind “BACK” "togglescores"
bind “START” "gameui_activate"
bind “STICK1” "+duck // LS - Duck"
bind “STICK2” "+zoom"
bind “UP” "impulse 100"
bind “RIGHT” "slot4"
bind “DOWN” "slot5"
bind “LEFT” "slot3"
bind “S1_DOWN” "+menuDown"
bind “S1_UP” "+menuUp"
bind “L_TRIGGER” "+attack2"
bind “R_TRIGGER” "+attack"
joy_cfg_preset "3"
joy_inverty "0"
joy_legacy "0"
joy_movement_stick "0"
joy_pitchsensitivity "-3.050000"
joy_yawsensitivity "-3.000000"
option_duck_method “1”

All of that is the binding and console commands. Now you need to edit these. To your liking. Just edit what’s inside the second set of quotation marks, like

[bind “STICK2” “+zoom”]

That is the right stick press, which triggers the zoom, obviously… Now let’s put something fun on there, like…

[bind “STICK2” “z_spawn jockey”]

Now when you press the right stick, it’ll spawn a nice little jockey, fun right? Now that we have what we want, let’s save it. At the top left of the little window, there are two tabs, one that says “Open” and one that says “Save, Rehash, and Resign.” You want to click “Save, Rehash, and Resign.” This will save your profile settings and make sure you can spawn that little guy. Next, unplug your USB from your computer (or if you’re a safety person, safely eject and then remove.) Now put the USB in the Xbox. Launch L4D2. When the screen comes to press START, SELECT YOUR USB DEVICE as storage. Now just play any campaign game you want. Then click the right stick, and you’ll spawn a jockey.

NOTE: Some commands like “z_spawn” or “give” require server cheats to be activated. Underneath all the binds and commands, type in “sv_cheats 1”. The “1” behind “sv_cheats” turns it on, whereas “0” will turn them off. To be safe, I usually bind “sv_cheats 1” to the “back” button because it’s useless.

TIPS: You can add multiple commands to single buttons by adding a semicolon in between the commands. Example:

bind “STICK2” “z_spawn jockey;z_spawn charger”

That will spawn a Jockey and a Beater (Charger).


Open Me

Every command

Horizon Download

My apologies for any difficulties you may experience with this, I am a forum noob… Haha so, please leave some feedback on whether this works or not…

I forgot to mention, if Xbox Live wants to update, DO NOT UPDATE, or you can’t mod. If you want help with the cvars just ask too.