Left 4 Dead 2 Online Mods


I am able to mod my game, so long as I am offline, but as soon as I go online, the mods are no longer available. I know that there are mods that can be played online (as recently as yesterday), because I find these games constantly (although there don’t seem to be any spawns going on, there is fast crouching, low gravity, and infinite ammo/throwables). These mods were also ‘infectable’ (as in anyone who joined the game took these mods to their own servers, unless they either joined a server that was clean or went back to the Xbox dashboard to clear them).

How does one mod and have the ability to take these mods online?

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Online mods are usually JTAG/RGH, i don’t quite know if there’s any online USB mods for L4D2

There use to be infections like if you had a RGH or flashed Xbox. You could run the modded game and infect people with the mods. But not many people do it anymore. The only one you really see are the ones you listed but I remember flying use to be Infectible and spawning things as in tanks and stuff like that.

So they’re either ISO Mods or JTAG/RGH mods, i also understand why many people don’t do it any more l4d2 is so outdated.

Yea or ether they did patch most of the other mods I don’t know it’s been so long since I’ve used them.