Left 4 Dead 2 PC trainer?

Would be really cool to have a trainer for left 4 dead 2, stuff like infinite ammo, throwns like grenades, and carrying capacity enlarged so you can switch between grenades and pipebombs whenever you want to, also possible infinite health, or spawning more zombies sounds like a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good to me might get me to play it

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Sounds pretty fun. Getting bored of the base game as well so it would be nice to spice things up.
Workshop doesn’t really help with that since it’s barely anything that changes how the game works, how zombies spawn, if there can only be tanks or stuff like that. Anyone of you interested in trying to work something out? @STN @unknown_v2 or any other dev?

Isn’t this onlline only though?

It is not. You can launch and play single offline with bots. It’s always 4 player co-op tho. Offline/local campaign exists

you can play solo on it :slight_smile: its a very fun game too ^^

You can always host a local server since local is still online but local supports mods more.

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That or make it also support a steam group server since steam group servers allow people to openly come and go and supports more than 4 people kinda like international servers.

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Yea or have like a arena for zombies and stuff would be fun


When you play VS mode you get randomly spawned as one of the specials (tank, spitter, boomer etc) attacking humans playing through the missions. Im no coder or anything though I suspect it would be similar to spawning enemies in Fallout 4 where you just need to know they unique unit ID. Or even if someone whose familiar with code could get the variable addys from one of the available cheat engine tables & turn it into a trainer.