LessThan3's Game with Me Thread (Open: ANY)

~LessThan3’s Game with Me Thread~
Game: ANY(That I own)

Read below!!

PLEASE NOTE: I will ignore any friends requests or messages unless your XboxMB username is in the message!

Host: Vertebra

Hosting lobbies for a bunch of different games for a group of players who are wanting to mess around. I have a mic but you dont need one to play. I hope we can get a good amount of people each night!

What different games are there?
For now there will only be a few games. If this gets popular I will be more than happy to add new games to the list If it is requested enough!

The following games will be used:

- Battlefield 3 - Hardcore Operation Metro, Large scale Vehicle Maps, Boosting Matches - Modern Warfare 3 - All game modes - Black Ops - Zombies - Red Dead Redemption - Free Roam

How to join?
If a game you want to play is open, message one of the hosts or post your gamertag below for an invitation.

Vertebra (Vertebra) GMT +0


  1. No insulting (joking is fine)
  2. No leaving and rejoining during a game
  3. No complaining about the game (after every round I will ask if anything needs changed)

Ban List

[details=Open Me]Name and Reason

None yet![/details]


Note: We may do other games in the future, depending on how popular this becomes.

Note: Please press thanks if you participated in a lobby and it was fun!

Note: If you want to play a different game feel free to post below. I might not have the game so please be aware of that.



I’m in! Invite me when ready!
GT: alexc197

sweet!!! xx
GT: A kiLLer TiE

Im up for it
GT: SilverBagelz

Please send me a message in game!!

Need 2 more to start!

Common guys 9 so far! keep em coming!

Playing now my gt is Noo FEARzz =D

Sweet we have 8

Thanks to everyone who played tonight! It was fun xD

Was going to join too. :anguished:

Coming back on in a minute. Girlfriend doesnt like xbox so gotta wait til she is gone xD

Ditch the gurl, who cares about relationships; game on.

This, my ex-didn’t like xbox. Hence shes my ex now. Im seeing someone else, she plays xbox. so its all good. Get that lobby on. :L


Could you invite me after your gf has gone pl0x my GamerTag is Noo FEARz =D thanks :thumbsup:

Do you guys mind if I’m host, pretty please? :smirk:

Don’t worry my connection is good, I just like having the advantage. :wink:

Invite me again guys, on in 30 secs!

Get the girl hooked on gaming = win.

Too much effort. I’ma lone wolf; Game on!

Hijacking my thread xD

Shes gone now. I’d be an idiot to leave her, she’s good looking, maybe I can get her to like the xbox haha.

Anyway will be on in a minute.

I’ll be hosting this lobby everyone!

Message Alternate for an invitation please.

EDIT: OMG, phone call. Be right back. -.-