Lethal Company Cheats and Trainer for Steam

help mods wont load did i miss something?

Can you add teleport options like in other menus, as well as deadline increasers and ESP?

Can i use in Host online lobby?

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is it possible to add map wide ping? or make items visible through walls? and a teleport mechanic to teammates or doors

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A Xp multiplier would be great.

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the time stop is not working and i wish the flashlight brightness would work and a one kill shot to kill enemies.

please update this cheat thanks

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Sigh, he’s not updating the mod anymore other than to keep the mod running at the updated patches of the game, don’t need to request to add anything more…


Hey hey thanks so much for the trainer…

Jump in height is no longer working nor is the movement speed.

They still work, the game hasn’t received any update so far.

seems theres something with bepinex that makes the mods not work

mini map mod stops you from being able to edit jump height and move speed while EladsHUD stops you from being able to use inf sprint

is anyone else game crashing with this on??

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Any chance for an XP multiplier option?

yes cant figure out why

is anyone else not able to use unlimited credits

Jump height does not work anymore, please update!

Wait this is my issue, thank you!

No Jump Height is still not working. Removed minimap mod. Still does not work?