Letting us create our own mods?

As per the title, is there any chance of ever opening up the toolset to allow us to make our own mods/cheats/trainers for different games and then publish them to a usermade section of the site?

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Dont think a tool kit of some sort will be released.

Use cheat engine. Easiest for you i believe.
If you want to cheat other games than Infinity is supporting right now.
And if you want to make trainers its all out there. Its no new craft.

However you could post it if you have some already, there is sections where it could fit in.

Too bad, unfortunately Cheat Engine is a pretty weak tool (though it is decent for active memory editing), and as for easiest for me. I am a software engineer so I can hold my own when it comes to sussing out the bits of code I want to modify without necessarily running to a hex editor (and I know I am not the only one able to do this). I have been putting some trainers together using vbasic, but it isn’t very powerful and I like the infinity program, so I was hoping to keep everything in one spot. Not to mention it would help keep the Infinity team from being so backlogged with game suggestions.

Ah didnt know. Often people dont know what they are doing and such therefor i just send them to CE. However.

You could show off what you make on the Programming section. Maybe you get allowed to join in on the fun. I dont know if they need more Devs. But if you show your worth and you are able to grab their attention.

Maybe they let you in on the team :wink: Thats no promise tho

Thanks for the reply. I’d happily post some of my work when I get back to the US. Right now I am away from my main PC and streaming games to my laptop via Moonlight and Himatchi. That said I am working on one for Exanima right now that isn’t reliant on Cheat Engine. If I get enough free time to finish it up, I will post it up for anyone that wants it before I go home.

As for working on their Dev Team. I stay pretty busy, so I don’t know that i would be able to accept such an offer anyway. I couldn’t guarantee any true dedicated time slots to it. Though if it is strictly a volunteer gig, that doesn’t need me to work in a dedicated capacity I might.

We currently have no plans to allow members to publish mods in Infinity/using framework from Infinity. Most of what Infinity does can be done with a few simple function found in C#/C++(ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory). Infinity might do things a little different but you can do the majority of it with those two functions you just have to know how to reverse the games.

I’m sure I can do it just fine, it was more of a concept to get coders such as myself to work on games that you guys have no plans for (such as older games, as you have stated you have no plans to work on those), meanwhile keeping it set up to be deployed by the infinity program. I haven’t messed around with C# much, but I don’t imagine it will be too much different from working in VBasic to create trainers.

Anyway, thanks for the response. At least I now have my answer.

Would be pretty hard to do considering how many people would break there game or computer :I

Infinity allows user-made trainers/users creates multiplayer trainers/game developers sue wemod/infinity gets shut down.