License Transfer 360 questions

I was wondering how I would do it and if I would get my account back. I hear people say they will license transfer to get a game and dlc stuff from them, so I assume it is a temporary thing. If the latter is true then I would like to do it with my account for my aunts. Lastly, can I do it as a 3-way transfer. So I just wondering how I would do everything to make the best of it.
best place to know what ya looking at and how it works

Basically you would recover your account on your Aunt’s xbox, then go to Account Management and do a license transfer. Then you’d go to your download history and download whatever your Aunt wants. Now she can play that content on her profile since she has the license.

I don’t think you can do a 3 way license transfer. Also, you can only license transfer like every 6-7 months, so use it sparingly.