License Transfer Exploit?

Is it possible for my friend to license transfer me a game amd keep his copy.

Meaning if he license transfers it to me will he still keep his own copy of it?


yes. you can license transfer and your friend still keeps what you guys transferred. Since he bought it on that xbox, that copy stays on there for good.

Just remember you can only license transfer an account once every 6 months

I did it for minecraft with my friend and he got a code. We play together all the time.

Cool thanks. All the time? Its been out a day.

Orly all the time? the game came out yesterday.
OT- You can but only once every 6 months

Thats wrong, when you buy ANYTHING off xbox live , it comes with TWO license. one will ALWAYS be tied to the original gamer tag bought on. (aka can play and download that game on any xbox, you have to be online) the other one is tied to the console, that the one you transfer. (any GT can use the content online OR offline)

Yeah all the time for the past day (:
I also let him lisence transfer and get my Forces of Nature Pack. We play that together all the time. That better?

Thanks guys.

Anyone wanna give me Minecraft xD

offline, no. when my god thread was around, you had to be connected online to have the full thing unless it was bought on the xbox its self

The hardware license can be used offline. the gamer tag license need to be online. not sure what thread you are talking about.

Digital Rights Management | Xbox Transfer License | Xbox LIVE Download -

if you read this page you see that the local license is the one you transfer when doing a license transfer, meaning you transfer the license that allows you to play that content on any account online or offline.

Sorry but I am right, unless you think Microsoft lies about its own DRM

Silentkiller, your confusing me. Can i do this or not?

gamer tag 1 plays on console 1

gamer tag 2 plays on console 2

gamer tag 1 buys minecraft on console 1

gamer tag 1 transfer license mine craft to console 2

gamer tag 1 can now play minecraft on console 1 IF he is online.

gamer tag 2 (or any gamer tag) can play mine craft on console 2 online or offline.

do you get it now?

No your completely confusing me.

here’s how it works. if you buy something on your account, it stays on that xbox no matter what and can be used offline or online. when you move the account to another xbox and play the item, you have to be online to start it, unless you license transfer it to the console. you also can’t use another account to start whatever you downloaded if you moved just the profile to another xbox. meaning if i bought minecraft on my account, brought it over to my friends and signed into my friends account, even though minecraft and my account are moved to his, you still need to sign into the account that bought it for it to unlock the full version and then switch to my friend’s account to play on his after the full version is unlocked

@LessThan3 you can license transfer from your friends account and be fine. When you do it, as long as you have that xbox you transferred it to, you can play what ever you transfer and your friend can play what ever he has that you transferred.

false. once the license has been transfered, they can both play offline and online. i have done about 15 LT giveaways. i can still play everything offline and online and so can the other person.

ok lets say you bought minecraft on you xbox on your account. then you transfer the license to your friends xbox. NOW you still can play minecraft on you xbox with your account if it is connected xbox live. your friend can play minecraft on his xbox on any account, and he does not have to be on xbox live.

SO YES IT STILL WORKS, AND IT IS NOT A BLODDY EXPLOIT. if you still do not get it i give up. you can read this page and figure it out on your own.

Digital Rights Management | Xbox Transfer License | Xbox LIVE Download -

well that’s because the local license is not updated, if it was you cant but if its not you still can. that’s one flaw with the local license crap. I forgot about that.

I can actually guarantee you, unless you’re special, that when you license transfer your profile onto another xbox, multiple things happen.

I, Stevie Rox, let LessThan3 license transfer.

Stevie Rox can play DLC Map Packs online/offline, and on any other account I own online/offline.

I then let him license transfer my Stevie Rox account.

Then, the only way those Map Packs are available for me, is if I’m connected to the internet via Stevie Rox. If I want to play on a secondary account and use DLC from my main account - I can not do so anymore because the license tied to those(Stevie Rox) is on another console now(LessThan3)

LessThan3 can now play my DLC map packs online or offline, because my entire account is registered to his console now.

It’s stupid how they have it set up, but I think this is what Silent is talking about. In which case, he’s 100% right about the entire thing. If I bought MC, then let him license transfer,if I lose power or my internet is down for a bit, I can not play MC the entire time because the game is linked to the console, which is not mine anymore, so there’s no “proof” that the game is attached to my console to play it offline. Oh, and like I said, if I was like “Oh hey, let me hop on my other Gold Account and play MC” I wouldn’t be able to because the account that had it registered is now on another console.

That’s how it’s always been for me - Specially with Rock Band songs, map packs, and arcade games.

odd, because i let me friend license transfer it yesterday after i bought it and i could still play offline and online (my internet shut off yesterday later on so i played by myself offline)

not sure about him if he can play offline or not tho but yeah.

Not sure what I can say about that then…
Everytime I’ve done anything involving licenses, that’s how it’s always gone down for me. Hell, just the other day I realized I had my license on my old xbox a year ago, and I wanted to play Halo 3 maps on my secondary account and it said I didn’t have them. Have to go on main, transfer license, and redownload the items. Then I was able to play the maps on my secondary…
You’re lucky I guess… O_o

i used to steal accounts back in the day,

you can share dl’d things 3 times with 3 separate people

1st person buys dlc (this person can play offline)

2nd person license transfers (this person can play offline)

3rd person plays on account (this must be online)