Life is Feudal: Your Own. Trainer

I think this game would be awesome to have some trainers for to speed up stuff a little bit, for those who dont have as much time playing games.

Can this game be played offline, in Single player as well ?

If I’m not mistaken, isn’t this title a massively multiplayer online game/MMO ?

Because, WeMod doesn’t support nor make any cheats for multiplayer/online play, so I doubt there would be any trainer released, assuming this is a multiplayer game ?

it can be played singleplayer if you make your own password protecter server, or co op with friends, so its not like a mmo however you can also do the mmo thing, and play on an official server, its very similar to ark survival evolved in that way, and i noticed theres a trainer for that so figured this game would be ok too. :slight_smile:

Okay, that should be fine then, imo. :slight_smile:

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awesome :smiley: how long do you think itll take to make it? is there any way i can help? :smiley: not that i know much about coding x.x hehe

He is not a dev. If you want to help you can purchase diamond though.

Question, can this game be played offline?

I don’t work for WEMOD. Though, the following game developers might be able to look into your request:

@unknown_v2 , @system, @STN, @REPPiN, @STiNGERR and maybe others.

@system is not a dev lol he’s just another of @frank alter egos…he has several of them that he likes posting as.

In fact, i don’t know if i am @STN or just another one of @frank’s alter ago :scream:

So you are a bot just like @system?

Yes, I know that. But at least he is one of WeMod’s STAFF member. :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

if u make a server with a password u can play alone in the game, yes.