Likelihood of this working? . .


how likely is it for a STEAM trainer to work with a game from some other platform? like the game has STEAM trainer, but i only have the Windows version.

i realize there are various factors, but am hoping there is at least some chance for trainers to work across well enough. for the most part, it seems like it should be possible.

any ideas? anyone?

Well not too good with steam and windows store version, but sometimes they do work for other versions. All you can do is try it and see.
Sometimes can start the game first , then when in game alt tab out and press the play button in wemod after game is running click back to game.
But usually it dont thats why there are different trainer versions

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yeah… i don’t know much about trainers, but have had some amount of success using Cheat Engine tables in this manner. although, i haven’t got around to trying anything for MSStore games, because… well, reasons. meh. MSStore suxs.

i would figure it should be possible. is the same game from same dev and has same data. it does appear certain games are receiving different updates for different platforms, slightly changing some data. plus MSStore encrypts everything, maybe break an entry-point or something. i wouldn’t know. LOL

Alrighty! well, thank you for the response. it seems imma just have to work up the courage to drop a re-sub fee on GamePass.

thanks again! :slight_smile:

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