Link local 360 account to Xbox Live account?

Hi, all. My kid has been playing Minecraft on an Xbox 360 with all user data and game data saved to USB. We just upgraded to Xbox One, and I’m trying to figure out how to transfer all his Minecraft worlds over from the 360. This is possible to do in-game with an Xbox Live account, but his 360 account is local only. I created a new Xbox Live account for him, thinking I might be able to link it up with his local user account on the 360. Is there a way to do this with Horizon? I tried the account editor, but it won’t let me edit the XUID, which seems to be the key to making this work.

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Hey there! You want to move the saves on the 360 to the cloud. This way, you will have all saves from the Xbox account on both consoles. Here’s a link that shows how to do that:,review-3172.html

Post back here if you still have questions or trouble :slight_smile:

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It’s the profile ID in the package editor you need to change on the gamesaves, not the XUID. Then once you’ve changed them over, follow ya mans User_N4me’s guide posted to get them on the xbox one.

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Thanks! I managed to get my son’s Xbox Live account loaded onto the USB and used Horizon to associate all his saves with that account. Connections to Xbox Live on my old 360 are really flaky though, and I’m currently unable to log into the service with his account, so stuck again for the moment. I’ll have to keep checking the connection, which comes and goes at random.

On a related note, is it possible to copy over all the skin packs and texture packs saved on the USB stick? There doesn’t seem to be a cloud option for these. Or can I just load them onto the Xbox One directly from the USB stick?

No problem!

Either way you do this, you’ll need an Xbox LIVE account to save you from pulling your hair out :laughing:. There are some videos floating around YouTube explaining what you’re asking, and they explain that some skins and texture packs aren’t transferable from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

Here’s a video for reference: Keep in mind that this video is from 2014 so some steps they list may have changed.

Post back here if you have any more questions or need additional help with this :slight_smile: